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Dr. Chava Shane

Building Leadership Teams


Talent is your most valuable asset

Use it wisely

 1:1 executive coaching, online courses and tailor-made programs for leading professionals. 


I hate waste, especially of talent. Everything I do professionally; consulting, coaching, teaching and facilitating is about helping extremely talented professionals reach even higher. I've been doing it for 25+ years, and - it works. 

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strategic growth

Strategic Growth

Wouldn't it be great if professional progress were always easy? If, when you needed them most, the “stars” - people, resources and conditions - aligned. When this isn’t the case, new ideas, skills and roles are required. Your job is to spot these times, mine is to offer you new ways to tackle them.



Your Self

leadership teams

Leadership Teams

Institutions and companies are only as good as their leadership team. The first step is to get the right people on board. The next is to upgrade how they work together and alone. The more talented your leadership team is, the trickier it gets to retain them, keep them motivated and achieve breakthroughs. Investing in your leadership is always worthwhile, but when facing rapid change or growth, it’s crucial.

managment skills


No boss excels at everything. The best surround themselves with quality, constantly evolve and know what they (and others) should and shouldn’t be doing. All bosses, whether new or experienced, can improve their interpersonal, political and planning skills.


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